16, 17, 18, 19

By Jo Ann Alo / May 31, 2019 /

Children catching themselves in the mirror. Replanting gifts in the ground. Three-way calls with friends. Returning home. Grocery list for grandkids coming. Ripe red strawberries. Knuckles rubbing whiskers. A doves coo like a bass drum in a symphony of first light. Praying: May I diffuse the fragrance of Your knowledge in every place.

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By Jo Ann Alo / May 30, 2019 /

Stretching himself along my side, his head lay on my shoulder. Affection always makes me flinch. Hands and feet are one thing but lingering full body contact asphyxiates. Inside I squirm, feeling compelled to escape. I’ll say I’m having a hot-flash, my shoulder hurts under the weight of his head — either one will serve to rescue.…

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Day 14 and 15

By Jo Ann Alo / May 28, 2019 /

Evening four-wheeler rides. The perfume of lavender sweeping off the earth. Burgers sizzling on the grill. Wild asparagus. Silky summer sheets. Ice cream parlors. Bare feet in cool grass. Bullfrogs passing through. Pictures from the past. Retelling Grandma’s stories. Six o’clock Scrabble. A dog lapping water. Busy birdhouses. Re-reading love never fails.  Praising: Thank you for…

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Day 12 and 13

By Jo Ann Alo / May 22, 2019 /

A red-winged blackbird has been spreading his tail feathers, fluffing his bright red shoulder patches, and sounding conk-la-ree!   outside my window three days now. At first we loved his arrival, until scratching and chest bumping his reflection became annoying. We tried shooing him away. We pitied him, and, for an instant—we considered putting him out…

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Day 10 and 11

By Jo Ann Alo / May 21, 2019 /

Butterflies. Rainbows after rain. Baking cake with your best friend. The whish-whooshing sound of the dish washer. Movie theatre popcorn. Mom and Dad for dinner. Laughing at ourselves. Sunbeams shooting through clouds. Squirrels looking for leftovers. Praying: Help me see things from Your perspective, Lord.  

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Hear my love.

By Jo Ann Alo / May 18, 2019 /

Assumption has been too much a part of my relationships. Our ears are designed to hear love—hear affection. Words are always entering our mind. Most are not audible and few are affectionate. I know…actions speaks louder than words, but words sweeten the soul. “You are my favorite part of the day,” he said over the…

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By Jo Ann Alo / May 16, 2019 /

My whole life I wanted to be someone else. I’m taking pictures of myself for a project I’m working on. Picking myself apart in all of them. My chin and neck are sagging, tiny wrinkles ripple across my face, a deep line labels my forehead. Hide those elbows, they’re starting to dimple. I found an editing…

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Day 5

By Jo Ann Alo / May 14, 2019 /

Day 5 Unable to sleep—able to praise. A quieting mind. Every little impression leaves a mark. David mows over a path for me. Yellow Rocket opening everywhere. I tell my Dad I want a relationship with him, he plants one on my mouth, and to my surprise the little girl in me never left. Our…

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Day 4

By Jo Ann Alo / May 13, 2019 /

His early morning toes stroke my ankle. We sit on the edge of the tub, our faces in the mirror, heads lean on the other, and we brush our teeth. An oriole stops for a drink. Bacon and eggs. One of our bunnies didn’t make it, and we fold into each others arms like we…

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Day 3

By Jo Ann Alo / May 12, 2019 /

Day 3 Pumpkin batter melts in my mouth. Raindrops poke circles in puddles. A grandson learning to lay love on the page. David’s  hand covers mine and his thumb strums my fingers. The doorbell rings and my Girls honor me with reassuring pink petals. Flannel cased pillows cradle my head and we guess who done…

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